What is php.ini file ??? All about php.ini file.

Hey friends..
I am back with a new tutorial after long time....
Sorry for not posting any tutorial for a long...
But this time I wanna share couple of tutorial on website and server security.

Ohk, let me start. I hope you have heard about php.ini file or may be you have accessed php.ini file during server hacking.

so today I am gonna let you know about php.ini file, after this tutorial I'll post about server security through php.ini file.

I recommend to know about this file if u are a Hacker, Cyber Security Expert or a Web Developer.
So here we go...

What is php.ini file  ???

       php.ini is very useful and it is a configuration file that is used to customize behavior of PHP at run time. 

       In php.ini file .ini extension stands for "initialization".
       This enables easy administration in the way you administer Apache web server using configuration files.

       The Settings in which upload directory, register global variables, display errors, log errors, max uploading size setting, maximum time to execute a script and other configurations is written in this file.

       When PHP Server starts up it looks for php.ini file first to load various values for settings.

       If you made changes in php.ini then you need to restart your server to check the changes be effected.

       The location of the php.ini file depends on the Linux distribution you are using, also PHP version and how it has been installed with the Apache web server.

       Normally the php.ini file are stored in one of the following locations in a linux machine:




       If you want to do some custom configurations then you can also write your own php.ini file.

       For this copy php.ini template file, make necessary changes in values directives according to your need rename it to php.ini.

       Then copy it to desired location in root of your web directory or in any particular folder.

       But hosting should allow for running this file.

       The PHP runtime will take values only for settings which are specified in php.ini file if you are using your own, for rest of settings it will take defaults of PHP runtime.

       So if you are writing your own php.ini, keep in mind to overwrite every settings specified in web server’s php.ini file.

       This can not be used as an extension of web server’s php.ini file.

So it was all about php.ini file, hope you have gotten some new knowledge.
In the next tutorial i'll write about protect your server from execution of Shells.
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