Recently I saw in Facebook  there’s a new Scam that has been spreading across Facebook. The scam message title is - Airtel 3G Data Card E1731 free !

with a link to a Blogger. On clicking that link, you will be redirect  to the Blogspot page which is a fake page looking like real page of Airtel website. Users are asked to go through some of steps before he/she can claim their “Airtel 3G Data Cards”.
In that Blogspotpage, in Step 1 it will ask to like that link first. Then user likes that link because he/she wants free Airtel 3G data card :D
 After step 1 ,user will be asked for step 2

 After completing step 2 and sharing that link to different groups of Facebook it will be asking for fill up the form in step 3.

How it is a scam?

First of all, it uses a fake Airtel page design. External pages that use Airtel’s design are always fake.
Second, with steps that ask you to “like”, and "Copy below message" – clearly indicates that the scammer wants to spread the message in your facebook and your friend circle and make some money out those ads.
I know it is a scam message, so I wanted to know where it leads the user after completing the step 1. Without “liking” or I can say without completing step 1, without sharing any message or link and leaving the entire form blank, I just clicked on the “Submit” button. And I surprised that it showed me a alert message saying “Sorry! Step 2 is not completed!“.

I was wondering, without having completed the step 1, why it just jumped to the step 2. I checked the source code of the web page and found this!

Even after you “like”, sharing its link or message, fill out the form completely, you will end up getting the same message no matter what you do. As you can see from the above code, the “Submit” button is hard coded to show the alert message always. So, even if you perfectly complete all the steps or retry the steps again, you will end up getting the same alert message. It is recommend that you DO NOT click on the link or share it. There is no “Airtel 3G Data Card” as such. You can report this scam to Facebook Security or mark it as spam.
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