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Today I am back with a tutorial about your Facebook account Safety & Security !!!

   Because as we all know that Facebook is being popular target for Hackers to send Phishing links, Malicious links, Trojan etc. All all the Facebook users are not having knowledge of Hacking and online security, so many Facebook users are being victims by clicking those unsafe links.

   Most of links are shortened like bit.lygoo.gl, tinyurl.com, Owl.ly, Deck.ly, Su.pr, lnk.co and there are hell lots of website to short links, so avoid to click on that type of link.

   But nowadays on facebook there is a very good application called Norton Safe Web to be safe on facebook from malicious links. As we know Norton is one of good Antivirus by Symantec. Actually Norton Safe Web is a website rating service by Symantec. Norton Safe Web analyzes million of links to check for those are malicious or containing security risks. From analysis of link the Norton Safe Web let us warn about security risks.

So below is a link for application on facebook:

Click here : Norton Safe Web

After allowing application it will scan your whole profile is there is any malicious or untrusted link shared by any users.

IT will take couple of minutes to scan your website see screen shot below:

After scanning your Facebook profile it will show you result is there is any malicious link:

So friends don't forget to use this application for your Facebook account safety.

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