Be aware Facebook users !!!

Recently I got many complains by friends, that they are receiving some videos link in their inbox from their friends. But matter is that their friends are not sending such links. Then who is sending this kind of links ????

So as a Cyber Security Expert I am writing this article for your awareness.

Here is the answer, it is another Facebook scam by some malicious people. Like free Facebook Shoes, free Facebook T-Shirt, free Facebook Sim cards. None of your friend is sending you any video links but scam is spreading in facebook it self.

These days this scam is active..

"99 Percent Of People Cant Watch This Video For More Than 15 Seconds. Can You?"

Or some friends are receiving some porn videos links. After reading that title you may wish to watch that video and click to that link. When you click to that video link it will redirect you to another website and will suggest you to do 2 steps:

1.share this
2.Comment "Yuk!"

when you will so then you are also victim of "that Scam. After that it will send that link to your friends without your permission, and you will come to know about it when you friend tells you that why are you sending this type of links ???

May be you are victim of "ClickJacking".

what is ClickJacking ?

Certain malicious websites contain code that can make your browser take action without your knowledge or consent. For example. clicking on a link on one of these websites might cause the website to be posted to your Facebook profile. Never click strange links, even if they are from friends. Also be sure to notify the person sending the link if you see something suspicious.

Today I read news on internet that "Two lakh Facebook accounts from Bangalore Hacked, profile pics put on porn sites." All these accounts have been hacked by ClickJacking, by Sending them malicious links.

It is recommend that you DO NOT click on the link or share it across your news feed. There is no Videos as such. You may report this scam to Facebook Security or mark it as spam.

Be aware, Be safe..
Have a Happy Facebooking :-D

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